About me
First and foremost, I love writing code. Ever since writing my first program in Python and manipulating it to produce the desired output, I have been obsessed with the idea of using software to solve practical problems. Software engineering is a never-ending puzzle that I am passionately engaged in solving. I believe in the power of programming to transform and improve the lives of people around the world.
Bennett University
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
2017 - present
Work Experience
Google Summer of Code 2020
Fedora (Redhat)
April 2020 - present
Software Developer
Newsgator, IN (Remote)
April 2020 - present
Software Developer
Flavazo, Bangalore, IN (Remote)
Sept 2019 - March 2020
Machine Learning Intern
Flavazo, Bangalore, IN (Remote)
Summer 2019
Software Developer Contract
Macchine Colad School (Remote)
Febuary 2019
Research Intern
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (On-Site)
Summer 2018
Microsoft ImagineCup 2020 - Finalist
Our solution to bottlenecked gateways in the daily commute: the entry and exit points at metro stations. FastTag tollways enable commuters to simply walk in, have their face scanned, and have the toll deducted automatically from their wallet. Our Pitch
Microsoft Asia Finalist Top 10
HackCBS - Hackathon
Best Use of Azure 2nd Position
HackIIITD - Hackathon
Matic Price Winner Blockchain
HackPhoria - Hackathon
2nd Price
The idea is to use facial recognition to have an automated payment system for public transports (using an online wallet). Imagine FastTag-based tollways for human faces without the need for any hardware / physical cards. You can simply walk in and out; we'll scan the face and deduct the costs from your wallet.
HackCBS 1st Position Best use of Azure HTML SQL Flask Azure
The Corona App
The app gives live updates of Covid-19 affected patients state and city wise, Data is taken from the https://www.covid19india.org and updated every 5 minutes.
Swift SwiftUI Flask API
Portfolio Game
A Portfolio game made in p5.js
Javascript p5.js HTML
Vehicle Tag - Licence Plate
The aim of the project is to implement it in Bennett University main gate to get detailed information of vehicle entering university premises. Logs time information and checks the number plate with government data to get the name of the person.
Python OpenCV Using KNN
Chess AI - AlphaGo
The aim of the project is to implement a chess reinforcement learning model using AlphaGo methods.
Python Flask Tensorflow Keras
Bitcoin Tracking Bot that tracks Bitcoin rates and sends alerts via Telegram.
Git & Github
Chrome DevTools